Upcoming & Ongoing Events

3/16 — Roots / Shorashim / Judar


7pm Har HaShem

Come hear personal, interconnected stories between an Israeli and and Palestinian about working toward peace, freedom, and lasting justice in a region where the two communities don’t usually interact. This challenging grassroots initiative involving Roots activists centers on the belief that trust and human connection can and will make a difference in the West Bank / Palestinian Territories.

See www.sipprojects.org/roots.pdf for more details.   

Ongoing Event

Haver is proud to join JTree, a new international Jewish movement focused on repairing the world by planting trees and reforesting the planet. Join us in realizing a goal of one million trees planted this year in the United States. It’s easy, inexpensive (just $1 per tree), and a mitzvah! In fact, planting trees is so important, it’s mentioned three times in the Torah (Gen. 2:15; Lev. 19:23; Deut. 20:19)! For more information on how JTree is working with the National Forest Foundation and to plant a tree, click here.