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Boulder Haver - the Boulder Rabbinic Council


Haver, the Boulder Rabbinic Fellowship, is a distinctive rabbinic council.

We are rabbis from the Renewal, Orthodox, Conservative and Reform movements who meet together to teach, to study, to plan, to deliberate, to rule and to advise.

It is rare for rabbis of different denominations to work together, yet here in Boulder we do. We recognize that our communities are like aspen trees. Although on the surface each aspen appears to be its own organism, in reality each tree is linked to the collective though its roots.

Like the aspens, our communities may appear separate on the surface but in reality they are inextricably linked. We are nourished by the same mayim chayim (living waters) and face many of the same gesher sar meod (challenges.) The rabbis of Haver gather together to represent the collective, the larger stand of trees.

The connection, respect and affection between the members of Haver is evident. And because that mutual respect spreads, it is not uncommon in Boulder for people to participate in events at multiple synagogues.

Mission Statement:
Haver is a coalition of rabbis who work and live in the Boulder Area. Haver’s purpose is to increase the opportunities for Jewish engagement in the Boulder Jewish Community, by bringing rabbis together to collaborate on learning opportunities, holiday celebrations, events, lifecycle responsibilities and programs. Haver also serves to provide collegial support and mutual enrichment among the rabbis. Haver's members are ordained rabbis (or equivalent as determined by Haver) in good standing, who serve Boulder’s existing synagogues and Jewish institutions.

Conversion Course:
Boulder Haver teaches a joint Jewish education course, suitable for conversion students and anyone seeking a deeper Jewish education.

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Haver offers community programs including:

Haver also advises other community groups such as:


  • Rabbi Ruthie Gelfarb - President
  • Rabbi Deborah Bronstein - Secretary
  • Rabbi Jamie Korngold - Treasurer

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